Water Damage Restoration Leads

water damage restoration leads

Water Damage Restoration Leads

Our water damage restoration leads are best suited to 24-hour emergency water damage restoration service companies.  If your company can work with insurance companies, is certified and provides 24-hour services we want to partner with you.

How are we different?
Let's get right to the point. There are many companies out there who claim you can only buy the water damage restoration leads you want, or how they can notify you as soon as the leads come in. This is a misleading statement for a couple of reasons. 

First, while they may notify you, they are also notifying your competition. leads can be sold up to 4 different contractors. The first one who calls these water damage restoration leads are the ones who get the contract. Meanwhile, you still paid for the lead. Second, Just because someone calls a lead generation company doesn't mean they stopped looking. Remember, these leads are usually emergencies and will call until continue to call until someone says "yes. we are on our way"

You can be the person who says "yes, we are on our way" with your inbound, live local calls. Our water damage restoration leads are live, real-time leads by people who need your services. They don't have time for games.

Water damage restoration leads come from a variety of sources online such as Google, Social Media, Bing & Yahoo.  We route the calls directly into your water damage restoration company so immediate services can be arranged.  Our water damage restoration leads average $3K-$10K but can be as high as $150K.

This Month, get $100 Free Water Damage Restoration Leads. Call now if you want water restoration leads that are real leads from real-time customers
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