Water Damage Leads

water damage leads

Water Damage Leads

What exactly is a lead?
When you purchase a sales lead, you are purchasing information that is gathered several different ways. Every time you visit a website, for example, your information is collected and sold to contractors like yourself. The truth is, by the time you purchase the lead, the prospect has already hired someone to do the work needed. In many cases, the "prospect" wasn't even looking for services. They may have just been shopping around.

Another drawback to traditional leads is that by the time you reach the person on the phone (providing it was a real lead), someone else already beat you to it. Either way, you still wind up paying for leads. Our system is different.

We don't buy and sell information. Our water damage leads our live local calls who want your service now! When our customers. When our customers are looking for water damage leads or flood damage leads, they want qualified prospects. Better yet, they want customers.

We have one goal in mind:

Exclusive water damage leads for our trusted partners.

 We manage SEO and PPC advertising to produce locally generated call within a 40-mile radius.  Our water damage leads are usually 30%-50% less than our competitors because 100% of our leads are generated in-house, so you never pay for middleman fees.

Water damage leads come from customers calling in with broken pipes, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme cold, and accidents.  Often the main concern is immediate assistance so we require our water damage lead partners to be a 24-hour emergency service.

Water damage leads are exclusive in your area so some zip codes may not be available.  Contact us for available zip codes in your area and we will give you $100 in water damage leads for FREE. 

Put yourself in the position of the potential client. When you have an emergency or a flood in your home, you want help now! You don't have time to waste on public hosting sites searching for the best deal in town and waiting for them to call back. You want results quickly.

With our model and our approach to water damage leads, that is exactly what you get. We will advertise your company exclusively and direct phone traffic right to you. We will your phones to ring with live water damage calls in real time. Our water damage leads are real leads, not information gathered from the internet.

The success of any water damage restoration company depends on the quality of the water damage leads they receive. Many people are turning to inbound live calls. Most inbound lead generation companies take call directly and send them to water generations companies. The first one to reply gets the job. We gave a little different approach. Instead, we promote your company alone. Are water damage leads are actually directed to your website and call you directly.

Types of Water Damage Leads
Water damage can mean different things depending on the type of damage, the cause, and the extent of the damage. The same is true with water damage leads. Some water damage is caused by storms such as damaged roofs or other exterior damage. There is interior water damage such as broken pipes and floods. These types of situations usually call for repair and water extraction. In addition to these types of damage, there is also water damage that comes from unnoticed water leaks in the house. This type of damage can include mold, rotten wood, damaged drywall and a host of other problems as well.

The water damage leads you are looking for must be appropriate for your business and the type of work you are able to do. Generalized untargeted lead generation is not the way to get the type of water damage leads you need. What you need is a targeted, personalized lead designed for your specific business.

If you are going to invest in Water Damage Leads, you owe to yourself to hear what we have to say

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