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Pay Per Sale


We are a Low-Risk Service for your Carpet Cleaning Business

*Jobs are delivered directly to you.

*We generate your leads.
*We provide a special phone number for 100% accuracy.
*You will always know which leads are from us.
*Month to Month Agreements.

*No termination fees.

*No Long Term Contracts!
*Cancel anytime.

 Not every business will qualify for this type of lead generation. Call now to talk to one of our staff to see if this option is right for you.


***Not all business will Qualifi

***Check out our new Business Model

We too have developed and changed with demand. As we continue to grow, we realize that most successful companies do not want to give up a portion of their profits to a typical Pay Per Sale Model. Pay per sale is great for starting companies or for small companies that are not planning on getting any bigger. The truth is, successful growing companies want a better option.

What is Pay Per Sale Marketing, Really?

Pay per sale advertising is a low-risk advertising method where the advertising company takes most of the risk by investing in the advertising themselves. in return, the advertising company takes a percentage of the closed deals.  This is a great alternative for companies who have a limited or no marketing budget to work with. 

We have noticed that most successful companies who really want to grow do not want to part with percentages. They insisted on a newer model where the just paid a flat rate for our services. For this reason, we developed new models. Check out our Monthly Model Tab.

Economical Model *local Pro Partner*

This is a great option for business who are just starting out or who are struggling to maintain a marketing budget. This model does not require a large advertising budget. Instead, we use a combination of social and community sites to promote your company. We use anywhere, from 3-5 social and community website depending on your area. With this model, our clients do not require a website. This model is a low flat rate, we take no commissions

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