Monthly Model

Our pay per sale model is a great model for those who are just starting out or for people who have no capital to invest. However, many successful business owners we’ve talked too asked for a different option. In other words, successful business owners saw an advantage in keeping more of their own money and having more control over their profits. For this reason, we created our business model

The business model is really quite simple. You are in full control of every aspect of their business. You simply set your own advertising budget and answer your own calls. In addition, you keep all your profits. We simply charge a flat monthly rate to manage your account. You don’t pay more just for being successful.

 Many of our more successful clients are choosing this model for a fraction of the price of our traditional model. With our business model, you are in control. The main purpose of the business model is to help professional companies grow their business and increase the ROI. 

Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning leads, Roofing leads, HVAC Leads, Pest control leads, or any other type of contractors leads, this option is the best when it comes to growing your business.

Keep all for your profits and pay no commissions. This option is designed especially for business owners who want to grow their business

The best and most affective way to generate anything from carpet cleaning leads, to Flooring leads and general contractors leads is to check out our new business model. this model is perfect for serious business owners who are established and want to be in full control of their lead generation and cash flow.

If you need carpet cleaning leads or any other type of contractors leads, call and ask about this model

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