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Electrical leads for contractors. 

 If you are going to invest in Electrical leads, make sure they are fresh. We can help your business with inbound calls from customers needing your services. We have the experience your business needs to find customers in your area that need an electrician.  Don't compete with 3 other companies for jobs, our leads are exclusive and responsive.  Try our free electrical leads today and grow your contracting company risk-free.

Deciding if electrical leads are good or bad.

When purchasing electrical leads, it's essential that you know that the leads are even real. You also need to make sure the leads you buy are fresh. Many time, leads you pay for are multi-sold and completely pick through by the time you buy them. Every lead generation will claim that is false, but if have ever purchased electrical leads, you know this is true.

Now, it is possible to check these things out beforehand. You can make sure the lead generation company is reputable, you can ask other business owners who they use, or, you can use the old-fashioned trial and error method. Or you skip all that and just have potential clients call you directly.

One of the newest trends in lead generation is to join a network of providers and hope theirs is the one who is chosen. This method of lead generation is also used to generation electrician leads. There is a more effective way to generate electrical contractors leads. We generate exclusive leads that go directly to you, not a network of contractors.

Electrical Leads

Our electrical leads include both residential and commercial leads.

If you buy leads from a traditional lead generation company, there is something you need to know. They sell those same leads, or calls, or whatever they are to at least 3 different people. The lead generation doesn't care who gets the job. The reason they don't care is simple. They make money on everyone who buys that same lead. Electrician leads are no different.

Many contractors sign up on community and public websites so they can fight over the same leads. Again, why put yourself through this nonsense? The choice is yours. Do you want to keep paying for the same electrical leads that may or may not be good, or would you rather have the type of electrical leads that you know are real?

Here is what we DO NOT DO

Like many electrical leads, and lead generation companies, we do not generate our own leads. Also, you don't pay is to have access to leads that every other electrician has access to. Why is this good? The answer is simple. With us, you don't fight over electrical leads. 

Inbound Leads

We simply generate leads that go directly to you. No cold calling, no have to be the first or the cheapest. All you need to do is answer the phone

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