Closing Tips

Inbound Leads

Inbound leads, without a doubt are the best type of contractors leads anyone can have. They are calling because they are interested in your product or something that they saw on your website. if your company isn’t closing them at a high rate, there are some things you may need to take a look it.

Inbound Phone Calls

1) is the right person answering the phone?

The person in charge of the phone calls doesn't need to have all the answers, but should have at least the basic info to keep a potential client interested. Once a potential client calls you, whether or not that person becomes a good lead is based off the first impressions.

2) Be Well Spoken and professional

If you are trying to attract good contractors leads, the person on the phone needs to be well spoken, confident and knowledgeable in order to start the process. Use a company name when answering. Even if you work from home (as many people do now), you need the have an "office atmosphere" When potential contractors leads call you, introduce the business name with "how can I help you/"?, or something of that nature. "Hello" simple isn't enough. Also, grammar is very important. Do not use slang terms when talking to a potential client.

3) Make sure all leads are delivered to the proper person

This may sound like a "no brainier" but the truth is, Many potential contractors leads never actually get viewed by the right person. Often times, a contact form will be delivered to the and "'". Often times these emails are neglected or simple not getting to here they need to go. Contact forms should go directly to the sales team or sales manager. Also, they should be replied to as soon as possible. Once a day simply isn't enough. In fact, you should have an alert sent to your phone letting you know when you get an email like this..